Feb 22, 2015

Announcement: How to Lose “Man Boobs” Fast

man_boobsNothing is more humiliating than being teased about a physical condition we often feel like we have no control over. I remember being teased mercilessly growing up for all kinds of things. But nothing compares to the pain of having “man boobs.” So many men today are looking for fast ways to lose them. And many want all natural ways to lose them. So I looked far and wide for ways to lose man boobs. And it seems to me Garry Davidson provides the best answer with “How to Lose Man Boobs Naturally.”

 “Man Boobs” are a Medical Condition

The actual medical term for man boobs is Gynecomastia. It is certainly a medical condition more than one of diet. It is for that reason so many adolescents try all kinds of “cures” off the internet that only lead to more heartbreak. There are several causes for this mentally painful affliction. I strongly recommend seeing a doctor and getting a diagnosis before purchasing any product, all natural or not. You may be left with very limited choices such as surgery or medicines. But for many others, there is a better way.

While man boobs are harmless physically, for young men going through adolescence, it can be nothing short of devastating. The best results for losing man boobs naturally are shown to occur in the first few years of their onset. Again, we are talking about young people whose condition is more mild and receptive to natural treatment.

Gain Confidence and Comfort

Can you imagine going back to gym class and not feeling like you can’t change your close in front of your classmates? What about the beach? You ever take your shirt off there. How are you with the girls? Shy? Face the possibility of overcoming all of that and more.

With so much bullying going on today in schools across the nation, young people with man boobs have become prime targets. Have you or your child been bullied? How painful that is. You don’t have to live that way.

How to Lose Man Boobs Naturally System

How to Lose Man Boobs Naturally series is among the best systems I have seen for quick and safe reduction of man boobs. And, the series was created by a highly respected trainer. Garry Davidson is well known and respected in the health community. I highly recommend giving his system a try. It comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose but your emotional pain!




Apr 30, 2014

Lemon Detox Diet: Being Healthy is Not a Fad

I began training in Martial Arts 30 years ago. Because I grew up health conscious, over the years I guess I instinctively picked up some habits, that today, I see are very beneficial to my health. One of those habits is cleansing my system. And in all honestly, I have always drank “lemon water” or did straight water fasts. I have always known about the cleansing benefits of lemon. So it is only natural that today I use the Lemon Detox Diet (Master Cleanse Diet).

And as a Martial Artist, I learned that I would from time to time lose my motivation to train. So I devised certain little “tricks” to make sure that even when I didn’t train, I was still getting exercise. These little “tricks” are not original with me. That said, we need to stop looking for new fads or trying to reinvent the wheel. For example, I will walk to the store that usually I would drive to; I will take the stairs instead of the elevator: I will go on more walks to the park and find a hill to sprint up. Continue reading »

Aug 25, 2013

Foods That Help Lower Cholesterol

Although the body needs cholesterol in producing Vitamin D and some important hormones, it is not good to have an increased cholesterol level due to wrong diet options. We can in get into trouble when our cholesterol level gets higher than normal. A clogged artery that may cause heart problems is more likely to occur because of high cholesterol levels.

Lowering Your Cholesterol Levels

A person is considered to have a healthy cholesterol level if his total cholesterol is below 200 mg/dL. Since people with levels higher than 200 mg/dL have increased risk of developing a heart disease, it is crucial to take certain steps to ensure your levels stay within the ideal range. Losing weight, regular exercise, and of course, proper diet are among the most common and surest ways to lower your cholesterol. Continue reading »

Aug 10, 2013

Not all Health Food is Healthy

A few of my friends recently turned to eating healthier. Now, I am certainly not a “Health Snob.”  I don’t walk around telling people how unhealthy that burger is they are about to stuff their faces with. And I certainly don’t down my friends who decide to get healthier by adding a “diet” coke to that burger. Continue reading »

Jun 23, 2013

Health Benefits of Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is among those amazing kitchen staples that we should not overlook. This amber-colored liquid with a rather sweet, complex taste is produced by “tapping” maple trees and collecting the sap. The sap is then cooked slowly until evaporated and turned into a rich-colored syrup. While most of us think of maple syrup as that delicious, sticky liquid we pour over our pancakes, the health benefits of maple syrup are less known by some. Continue reading »

Jun 16, 2013

Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

The Master Cleanse Diet (also called the Lemon Juice Diet) has caught on with a lot of health enthusiasts recently. The ingredients of the diet are as simple as they are effective. Lemon, purified water, grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Today, however, I want to look at a few of the many health benefits of cayenne pepper.

Cayenne is More Than a Spice

Although many people are only grateful for cayenne pepper for the heat it gives them in Buffalo wings, its health benefits are less appreciated. Variously known as Guinea spice, bird pepper and red pepper- this spice can have a profound impact on your health if you make it a regular part of your diet. Continue reading »

Jun 16, 2013

Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

Fasting for weight loss and other health benefits are gaining in popularity today. Many Fasts, such as The Lemon Juice Diet have made the news recently because of the testimony of many celebrities.   Still, people start practicing these diets in the hope of turning their bodies into the healthy, vibrant physic they always dreamed of.

Fasting for spiritual benefits on the other hand is not so main stream. Certainly many religions practice and promote fasting for spiritual benefits to one degree of another. These folks are conscious of fasting for that reason.  But for those of us who turned to fasting for health reasons, the spiritual benefits can be an unexpected bonus. Continue reading »

Jun 15, 2013

Stanley Burroughs, Master Cleanse Author a Pioneer

The founder of the Master Cleanse Diet was a guy named Stanley Burroughs. Today, that diet goes by a few different names, including the lemon juice diet and the lemon aid diet.

While the Master Cleanse diet has enjoyed renewed popularity recently, a lot of people don’t know that Mr. Burrows was charged and convicted by United States courts for promoting his alternative medicine teachings.

Legal troubles aside Burroughs, whose real name was Aaron Hayes, was born in New York and raised in Detroit Michigan.  During his career he had lived in Hawaii and Oregon.

Opinions differ on why and how Burroughs got into alternative medicine but Stanley believed that given the chance, the human body has a miraculous ability to heal itself. Burroughs believed we just needed to give our bodies a good “cleansing” to help it run Continue reading »

May 12, 2013

Fasting to Lose Weight and Cleanse

I think too many people hear the word “diet” and think “eat less.”  That is not necessarily true. Certainly people do go on “diets” to lose weight and do eat less but the word itself is much more than that. Some people diet to gain weight. Others, like some athletes, eat certain foods to load up on carbohydrates.

I have been thin most of my life. It wasn’t until I hit my forties that weight gain became an issue for me. And even then it was really more of a “spare tire” than anything else. Make no mistake about it, though. Excess weight around the middle is extremely unhealthy. Continue reading »

Apr 17, 2013

Paul Bragg Is Still My Hero

The very first book I read on Fasting was written by the legendary Paul Bragg- The Miracle of Fasting. At the time I bought the book, I knew nothing of Bragg. I only knew that I had read a few articles about fasting and decided I wanted to give it a try for greater health. It was by pure luck that I ended up buying Paul’s book.

Before I even read the book and started my first fast (I was 15 years old) I was fascinated by all the mysterious ads on the back cover of the book. Ads about things like amino acids and other books Bragg wrote.  I sensed there was more to this man then met my eye. So I looked into his life story. Continue reading »